The team at Flower Bros love flowers. But we’re not the only ones. An overwhelming majority of women love receiving flowers, despite what a lot of fellas believe.

Guys, the old “they don’t like flowers ‘cause they’re going to die anyway” line is a massive falsehood. They like them, no wait, they love them. Trust us.

Some women will drop subtle hints eluding to the fact that gifts are not overly important, but that’s not entirely true. They are important and women care about them. They love feeling appreciated and this means being spoilt from time to time.

Here’s why giving flowers is a good idea:

  1. They like that they serve no real purpose.
    Some guys think that flowers are pointless, they do nothing and will only die. Well guys, that’s actually part of the reason love them so much. Women love the idea that you can give them something short-lived and exciting. Even if it is a ‘waste’ of money, they still love that you spent your money on something that will generate a smile, every time.
  2. Women see flowers as a reflection of who they are; beautiful.
    Call it shallow but it’s the truth. Be careful though, if you buy cheap blooms then that may be misunderstood as you believing they are cheap. Women don’t need flowers daily so on the odd occasion that you take the leap and buy some blooms make sure you buy premium flowers from a quality and reputable florist. It’s an awesome way to compliment your lady!
  3. Women love how flowers kind of ‘stop time’ for a moment.
    They love how they make them stop and just stare at them for a moment whether they are positioned in the living room, bedside table or in the office. They will actually spend a minute or two admiring their beauty and fragrance. Guys you can be the reason they have these temporary moments of pure bliss.
  4. Women love remembering how they receive flowers.
    When, where, what for, who from. You can write a special note on a card and have these sent with the flowers, they’ll love it. Your lady will continuously think of you whenever her eyes glance over at the blooms.
  5. They deserve them. Full stop.
    Every woman out there deserves to be made feel special and flowers are awesome at doing that. It doesn’t matter that the flowers will eventually die because they still make them feel special, which is the desired outcome, we hope.

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Posted 29 June 2016